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Acritum Batch Processor 1.00b1

No Image processing you need. We analyse the difficulty of the task and tell you how long it will take to create new modules and presets. Easy tasks are complete within one-two days. Then we send new modules to you and you try them with your files using our trial version of ABP. It has only one limitation: you can process max. 30 files at one processing. When you are sure that it`s what you need, you buy full version which allows you to process thousands

VIGps 1.0: GPS Navigator with using a scanned raster maps
VIGps 1.0

maps and possibility to open a lot of maps together. - you can show a current GPS data (Speed, Direction, Longitude, Latitude, Time, Date, Height); - you can open any of scanned maps (in a "bmp" or "dib" format); - you can calibrate the scanned maps yourself by two calibration points only (left-top and right-bottom); - calibrations are stored automatically for every map, you do not need to calibrate a map next time; - you can see your route line

direction, calibration, longitude, speed, latitude, route, sailing

USA Real Estate Map Pro 3.1: US Real Estate Map Pro is the best database driven map for RE business.
USA Real Estate Map Pro 3.1

map Thus the map can find its application in various fields and industries. US Real Estate Map Pro is a useful tool for storing information about customers, offices, and other locations. The map can also perform any other tasks that require withdrawal of information when you click on states, counties, cities. US Real Estate Map Pro consists of 4 levels and 2 additional windows to display information in a grid or in an infobox with HTML formatted

interactive real estate map, real estate maps, usa real estate map pro, flash map, usa real estate maps

Free Google Maps 1: Free Google Maps
Free Google Maps 1

Google maps is a web server mapping applications.Provides scrolling map images and satellite photos around the world and even the route between different locations.Since 6 October 2005, Google Maps is part of local Google.Google Map provides the ability to zoom in or zoom out to show the map.The user can control the map with your mouse or the arrow keys to move to the desired location.

google, free, maps

Geodaten German Topo 2.04: Data of all official topographic maps of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Geodaten German Topo 2.04

A volume of data with map names, map numbers, corner coordinates and completing data of all official topographic maps of the Federal Republic of Germany. TK25: Data base table with data of the maps on a scale 1:25000. TK50: Table with data of the maps on a scale 1:50000. TK100: Table with data of the maps on a scale 1:100000. TK200: Table with data of the maps on a scale 1:200000 (TKUe200, General map).

placelist, topo, tk50, topo data, system, geodetics, measuring, place, registers, coordinate, geosoftware, dgk5, geography

US and Counties Map Locator 1.0: United States and Counties Map Locator. The map contains maps of each state
US and Counties Map Locator 1.0

United States and Counties Map Locator. The map contains locator maps of each state! Features: Driven by XML interface; - Color, URL linking, captions and more. And you can do all these; - Intuitive Flash Map Interface; - Ease of Use; - Customizations via an XML file, no Flash source modifications required; - Any settings can be done using external XML file; Suitable for Real-Estate, Dealer Maps, Branch Offices Locators

navigation, locator, location, interactive, maps, states, javascript, flash

Colonization Hex 1.0.0: How fast can you conquer the area?
Colonization Hex 1.0.0

In this game there will be a map filled with colored grids. Your colony starts with the home grid in the center of the map marked by a flag. The goal of the game is to turn all the grids into the same color. You can change the color of your home grid and all connected grids by clicking on other colored grids in the map. Continue the process and you will be able to turn all grids into the same color. The fewer the moves, the higher your score.

colonized, colony, territory, colour, turf, area, colonize, flip, colonizatoin, color, settler, colonizing

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